Hair Transplant Surgery Cost

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost
Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplant Surgery Cost


With the ruthless expansion of and advancements in the aesthetic industry, hair transplant surgery cost has generally been made more affordable for millions of men around the world who experience male baldness pattern. Not only is the price of the procedure getting cheaper, but the quality of surgical techniques is also greatly enhanced to deliver satisfying results. If you'll undergo a transplant surgery anytime soon, you are guaranteed to obtain a thicker, fuller, more natural-looking hair as compared to the results you could've gotten let's say, two to four years ago.

In the early 2000s, the price of each graft of hair was about $12 to 16, and note that a normal average procedure will need at least a few hundred of these graft pieces. Today, each graft is no doubt more affordable-physicians usually charge between $3 and $12. Needless to say, that is a very dramatic price drop in just ten years.

Much of the hair transplant surgery cost will be used for the hair grafts. The number of grafts that you'll need will depend on the degree of baldness you have. Your surgeon surely is the best person who can determine the exact amount. There are hair care websites online that may help you find out the estimated number of grafts you'll need through using tools like a hair loss calculator or a baldness measurement tool; just browse their sites and get an idea.

Note that the price of graft is not a yardstick of the quality of procedure that you'll have. The success of the operation depends more on factors like the expertise of the transplant surgeon and the natural characteristics of your hair itself. A highly skilled doctor will, of course, offer higher chances of getting great results. The grafts taken from the hair abundant areas of your head should be naturally thick and heavy to achieve greater coverage and fullness.

If you're in a city where there are so many hair care centers, you have more chances to lower your hair transplant surgery cost. In a market where competition is high, surgeons certainly will offer better services, more affordable rates, convenient modes of payment, and even free consultations and check-ups.


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