How to Get Hair Back?

How to Get Hair Back?
Hair Transplantation

How to Get Hair Back?

Hair transplantation is a surgical method where there may be hair balding or thinning. The method is surgically carried out by collecting hair follicles from the scalp, or other parts of the body where there may be thicker hair; this area is also called the 'donor site'; then grafting those hair follicles to the part of the scalp or body where there is balding or bald.

Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Propecia; which may include a long list of side effects;

  • Irritated scalp
  • dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Headaches
  • Irregular heart rate
  • Hand, foot, or breast swelling
  • Sexual dysfunction

On the other side, hair transplantation surgery proves to be another solution for hair restoration; although surgically. The first-ever transplant surgery was done in 1939 in Japan; and hair transplantation. Surgeons have developed methods such as the “plug” technique where the surgeon transplants large trusses of a suitable donor site to a bald or balding area of ​​the body. Additionally, surgeons have also developed and established advanced methods of hair transplantation surgery; which utilize mini- and micro-grafts, to minimize any appearance of transplanted hair on the scalp; hence giving the patient a more natural-looking aesthetic appearance. 


Does surgical hair transplantation work?

Normally, precise hair transplantation methods are more fruitful than any other over-the-counter hair restoration medicine; nonetheless, there are facts which we need to pay attention to:

  • Generally, it is projected between 10 to 80 percent of the transplanted hair, on average, three months after the surgery.
  • It must be remembered that transplanted hair acts as a normal hair and has a similar life cycle; thus they will, eventually thin over time like normal hair.
  • Patients whose hair follicles are dormant (ie follicles sacs which remain beneath the skin but do not grow into hair) may have less success with transplantation surgery.
  • It must be kept in mind that hair transplantation surgery is the best solution in every bald or balding case.  
  • Generally, the best hair transplantation result is achieved with patients suffering from baldness or balding or due to some injury.

However, as commonly required methods of hair transplantation require hair follicles grafting of existing hair of the patients; such treatment may not suit the following patients who suffer from:  

  • Overall general baldness and hair thinning
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy or any other medication, which causes hair loss
  • Patients who have thick scalp scars from injuries


How much do hair transplants cost?

Hair restoration surgeries, generally, in the United States and Europe; $ 4,000 to $ 15,000 per session; which is tremendously expensive, especially for patients who may require multiple sessions. However, Turkey offers patients a medical standard and surgical method at a quarter of the costs, in Europe and the USA

Lastly, the overall costs of hair transplant surgery may depend on the patient's choice of:

  • Hair transplantation clinic
  • Hair transplantation surgical technique.

It must be remembered that hair transplantation is generally a cosmetic surgery; its costs will not be covered by most health insurance policies.  


How does a hair transplant work?

In a simple term, a hair transplant requires a surgeon to extract hair follicles. Typically, hair is taken out from the backside of the scalp, but it can also be added from other parts of the body as well.

Initially, the surgeon, after sterilizing the area, removes the hair follicles and shifts them to small surgical openings on the bald or balding area; after the bandages, the area where the hair has been transplanted till the surgical wounds and the hair follicles start growing in the operation area. Such a surgical hair transplant is generally carried out under local anesthesia; However, in some cases, it can also be carried out under sedation.

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We understand that hair transplant is a surgery, but before you embark on this journey, we would like you to consider glancing at the doctors, medical teams, transplantation methods, and related prices. 

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Hair transplant clinics and their relative costs

Best Hair Transplant Clinics & Costs in Turkey


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