About Us

About Us

Every human has the right to be healthy, to look beautiful, to make the best choice for himself. In the modern world, easy access to information as well as developments related to technologies and experience in the field of healthcare make it easier for people to make better decisions for themselves. However, at the same time, the huge amount of information and misleading information make the decision-making process more difficult. 


We believe that you think about the following when making a decision:

1. Which is the right healthcare facility for me?

2. Will I be able to find an experienced doctor who does his/her job well?

3. Will I be able to find options within my budget without compromising the quality? 

4. What if the information I read is incorrect? In that case, I need to do more research.



97. I know what I want, but will I be able to overcome distances, language and communication barriers?

98. Will they provide me enough care even after the treatment is over?

99. Will I be able to get the best possible results?


It has been three years that we, as Bul Medical Tourism and Consulting Company, think over these questions and put efforts to produce solutions for you. Patient satisfaction is not just for writing results on our website; We do our best to see the smile on your faces.


Based on our experience in the field of healthcare and our always ongoing researches, we coordinate with healthcare facilities that meet our following criteria, even before providing you options:

• Usage of high-end devices, tools, and materials

• Taking care of patient privacy

• High level of hygiene and freshness of every part of the facility

• Private and comfortable environment of medical examination rooms

• The facility must have respectable experience in the field

• Offering the best price-quality ratio

• Receiving high scores in the result of patient satisfaction researchs

• Effective and satisfactory communication skills


Tell us about all your concerns, requests and recommendations and let's make together the best decision for you.

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