Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Costs in Turkey

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Costs in Turkey
Hair Transplantation

Best Hair Transplant Clinics and Costs in Turkey

Turkey has made a name in the world in the field of hair transplant. Even within Turkey, especially Istanbul city, there is an immense number of individual doctors, clinics and beauty centers that perform hair transplantation procedures. Most of them offer similar qualities, prices, and services, however, there are also ones that stand out with high positive feedbacks and customer reviews, and incorporate the latest technologies to achieve the most natural results. It is difficult to make a difference and grab attention in this extremely competitive field. For this reason, BulMD collaborates with hair transplant doctors and clinics that have something to offer: highest standards of hygiene, latest methods, highest numbers of positive feedback from patients, and all of these under a reasonable price tag.

We present to you 3 of the very best institutions that offer hair transplantation services, all handpicked by the research team of BulMD. This can give our dear readers an idea of the more powerful sides of each institution. However, for more detailed info, you can use the Comparison Tool which will save your time in making a choice.


Este Future


This is a medical travel agency that provides not only hair transplants with modern methods but also a wide array of other plastic surgeries such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, etc. The staff is made of certified doctors, pharmacists and specialists with international education and certification. Hair transplant experts of Este Future employ two of the most preferred and up to date techniques of hair transplantation: FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation). Specialist doctors apply two methods for canal opening: Perkutan and Microfibromatology, depending on the case.

The estimated prices are as mentioned below:

FUE: $ 1850

DHI: $ 2050

Sapphire FUE: $ 2150

Experts at Este Future can transplant beard, mustache, and eyebrow, as well as hair transplantation for women, besides regular male hair transplantation.

Perhaps one of the most decisive factors in choosing the right clinic for hair transplant is real feedback from the patients. Luckily, Este Future has pockets full of positive reviews:  5 stars out of 5 in Google Reviews, which means none of the 50 reviews is bad!

Here are some highlights of this positive feedback from all over the world:

Excellent experience. The whole team polite, professional and knowledgeable. I had an FUE hair transplant. The procedure was completed in around 5 hours for around 3,600+ grafts. The actual procedure completed under local anesthetic so it is pain-free. All arrangements were in place for my arrival. A car to collect me from the airport, 2 nights in a hotel and a car to and from the clinic and back to the airport. The hotel was very nice, clean, comfortable and in a central location. You have your contact who will speak your language and do any translations for you. Lunch provided on the day of treatment. I really couldn't fault this experience and anyone looking into this procedure should contact Este Future. Highly recommend.

They’re just amazing I did my nose job there The operation was successful and there was no pain at all! My nose looks natural like I wanted it’s just perfect. And my cousin also did his hair “hair transplantation” it was also successful his hair grow in 2 and half months I recommend Este future Thank you guys

Professional services! Beard and hair did. Friendly staff, clean and modest clinic. I can honestly recommend

Finally, this institution is JCI certified, which means Este World is up to the world standards of quality and safety. With this factor added, we didn’t see any reason not to prefer this institution.




emphair clinic in turkey

Established in 2004, Emphair is one of the leading names in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. Besides successfully transplanting hair with two most preferred modern methods, namely FUE and DHI, specialists at Emphair also employ the Needle-free hair transplantation method. This is one of the things that makes Emphair stand out because this method addresses people who have an extreme fear of needles and injections.

In this transplantation technique; needle-free tools are used to inject any fluids (anesthetics, corticosteroids) through painless intradermal projection without the use of needles or contacting the patient’s skin. They penetrate the skin with high-pressure liquid. Therefore, the patient doesn’t feel any pain or ache during hair transplantation. If you have a fear of needles and this prevents you from considering a hair transplant,  then this procedure is for you. Because in this method, both anesthesia and graft extraction/implanting is performed with needle-free tools.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Emphair also provides beard and mustache transplantation, as well as long hair FUE transplantation (no need to shave head). This works perfectly for people who don’t want to have their heads shaved for hair transplantation procedures.

Hair transplantation specialists of Emphair perform hair transplants in one of the best and well-known hospitals of Turkey, Acibadem Hospital.

Here are the estimated costs. Their slightly higher price tag is quite justified with the high standards they offer:

FUE: € 2150

DHI: € 2550

Moustache/Eyebrows Hair Transplant: € 1950.00

Beard Hair Transplant: € 2050.00


Emphair has been certified by JCI, which is another proof of the quality they offer. This institution has also received Best of the City award.

The average feedback on Google is also pretty high: 4.7 out of 5 stars, based on 173 reviews. This is quite hard to achieve the level of patient satisfaction.


Elit Hair Trans


Elit hair trans clinic in turkey

Here is a veteran of hair transplant with more than 20 years of experience in the field. There are 12 specialist doctors in the team that has performed thousands of hair transplant procedures and can successfully collect a maximum number of grafts from donor areas. Two famous techniques: FUE and DHI are employed here, but specialists of Elit Hair Trans also perform Hair Mesotherapy, PRP Aided Hair Treatments, Unshaven Hair Transplant, Needleless Anesthesia, Beard Transplant, Mustache Transplant, and Eyebrow Transplant.

The reasonable prices at Elit Hair Trans are another factor to make patients consider choosing this center:

FUE: $ 1750

DHI: $ 2300


This institution has JCI Accreditation, which tells that it is up to world standards.

Add the high average point they get on Google Reviews, and you have got a great hair transplant center with competitive prices. Elit Hair Trans has got 4.8 stars out of 5.

If you don’t believe then see some of these reviews:

Very professional from start to finish. Was well taken care of by the staff at elit. Surgery was not painful and was done within a reasonable time. Very happy.

They are simply brilliant! Very good customer service, reliable and trustable. Staffs were very friendly and helpful. I’ll recommend every one - without thinking twice u can choose them. Best of luck for them .

I researched for over 8 months for the best value for money and honest reviews, I'm glad to say I made the right decision with Elit Istanbul Medical Centre. From making contact all of my questions were dealt with very professionally, the medical center is spotless, the staff are warm and very friendly, the 5x hotel is fantastic, I can recommend Elit 100%. My hair transplant has been a huge success...thank you to everyone at Elit!!


Europe Hair Esthetic Center

Here you have one of the oldest hair transplant clinics in Turkey with accumulated experience for over 14 years. They have a good reason to be confident, because Europe Hair Esthetic Center is the pioneer of the modern FUE technique in Turkey. With over 30 international and local awards for excellence, they can be named as one of the very best hair transplant clinics. This team performs transplantation procedures in JCI-certified hospitals, so you can be assured about the high level of hygiene and service quality. Finally, the medical team has consisted of the same members over 14 years, who cooperate and understand the patient's needs in the best way. This skillful team has been performing at least a single surgery on a daily basis for over 14 years, not spending even one single day without a patient.

Google Review score: 4.8 out of 5 from 45 reviews.


FUE method : € 2050
DHI method : € 2250


Why BulMD?

BulMD medical tourism is the number one search portal for medical treatment options in Turkey. We are connecting doctors and patients, bridging the language gap and provide the best care for our patients possible. We keep a close eye and regularly conduct audits of the medical clinics and hospitals we work with ourselves. We only work JCI certified medical facilities with a google score of 4.5 and above; to provide the highest quality and satisfaction to our patients.

BulMD strives to provide its patient’s with world-class healthcare services; serving patients from over the world, coming to turkey from over 90 countries. We are providing healthcare services with more than 3 hospitals and several medical clinics in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our medical top of the class hair transplant packages is specially tailored to make your surgical experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our packages include everything from VIP airport transfers to Hotel accommodation, specially tailored to the needs of our international patients. Furthermore, our expert patient’s consultants are always ready and available 24/7 to assist our patients in their native languages.  

We understand that hair transplant is a surgery that can transform a patient, but before you embark on this journey, we would like you to consider glancing at the doctors, medical teams, transplantation methods, and related prices. 

BulMD - Clinics and Treatments

To about the frequently asked questions relating to hair transplantation surgery

FAQS Hair Transplantation Surgery


Furthermore, for more information regarding Hair Transplant surgeries in Turkey, please write to us at [email protected] 


For direct consultation, please contact our expert patient consultants via phone or WhatsApp: +90 533 193 65 00.


Kawai Lee
02.01.2020 04:05

Hi sir I am Kawai, I want to know cheapest FUE option with best result. Please help

02.01.2020 05:00

Dear Madam, thank you for your comment, now the most economical and long-lasting method for hair transplant is FUE; as it’s the most cost-effective and less surgically time-consuming. Our clinics are offering FUE Hair transplant surgery from USD 1,700 to USD 2,150; depending on the clinic. We recommend you look into Elit Hair Trans Clinic at; as it has the best hair transplantation reviews and patient result satisfaction as well. Abdul - BulMD Team

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