Why get a Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?

Why get a Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?
Hair Transplantation

Why get a Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey?


It is common to encounter many people, especially tourists, with white head bandages on the busy airports, markets and tourist attractions throughout Istanbul. One might ponder on the question that why so many people have these bandages? Well, the answer is quite surprising and unexpected. These are the first-class Turkish hair transplant medical centers and hospitals. Especially, Istanbul is considered one of the top choices for hair transplants and other cosmetic surgical treatments across Europe, the Middle East, and Gulf regions. Ranked 3rd in the US $ 1 billion, with more than 350 hair transplant clinics and hospital, just in Istanbul alone and some 5,000 people arrive at the country each month to get the most luxurious and affordable hair transplant treatment; European

A BBC UK Article on Turkish Hair Transplant Reports affordable hair transplants - attracting thousands of visitors from Europe and the Middle East each month. With surgery priced upwards of £ 12,000 in the UK, the “Wayne Rooney” is out of reach for most ordinary Brits. But if you're willing to travel, a new head of hair can cost as little as £ 1,500. ”

There is no doubt that the problem of hair loss has become a bigger and bigger issue in our society. With all the stress caused by our jobs, school, politics, relationships and everything else. Hair loss can cause great embarrassment to many people, whether women or men, so many of them start considering hair transplantation. Hair transplant is a very costly affair and you've probably heard of transplant clinics in Turkey.


Why is Turkey the preferred destination for a Hair Transplantation Surgery?

There are several reasons, why a Hair transplant surgery is ideal in Turkey; but the biggest and single most attractive aspect are medical costs, advanced technology, and value-added services. Generally, the cost of a hair transplant surgery starts in the UK from £ 12,000 and upwards; and it's pretty much the same for the US. However, the same surgery costs between $ 1500 to $ 3000, in Turkey.

Furthermore, the hair clinics and hospitals in Turkey are employing the same advanced technologies and medical equipment for hair transplantation surgery; as anywhere in Europe or US; but Devices such as Choi Pens for DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) and Sapphire Surgical devices for FUE type hair transplant; puts Turkish medical center at the same par as their European counterparts.

Moreover, the medical professional in Turkey has a major lead over there; the amount of medical practice. The sheer number of surgeries carried out by surgeons and medical professionals here, in Turkey, gives them the highest experience and practical knowledge; which most hair transplantation surgeons lack. Hence, hair transplantation surgeons, in Turkey are constantly developing newer techniques; Such as line hairline determination laser, which provides the more accurate and natural “Hairline” design for each patient individually, thus, providing world-class hair transplantation experience for the patients.

An extra benefit is the value-added services to the Hair transplant packages. which generally include, accommodation, transfer and translator services as well. On top of that, the medical clinics and hospitals do not miss out on the wonderful touristic opportunities that Turkey has to offer. Thus, providing City Tours and excursions, as a part of their packages, so that the patients feel as relaxed as possible.


Is Turkey Safe for Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Hair transplantation and other cosmetic surgeries are carried out in many different countries in the world. However, Medical Tourism; ranking third in the entire world. And in terms of hair transplantation surgeries, it has taken place in the first position many times, in this decade. According to statistical data, just the hair transplant industry in Turkey is worth more than 1 Billion USD and is growing day by day; with over 60,000 patients arriving just the year before.

Generally, a high number of patients from Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and Russia are arriving for medical tourism purposes in Turkey. For patients from the Middle East and Russia, Turkey offers a better health care system, then their respective home countries; within affordable costs. Europe and the USA; Turkey offers the same medical health care that they receive in their home state; at a fraction of the costs; with additional value-added benefits and top-notch aftercare; which is incomparable to most other countries.


Conclusion - So, why should you get a hair transplant from Turkey?

Now, depending on the patient in the hospital, the whole surgery, depending on the grafts and baldness of the patient; with the above-mentioned value-added services, cost between $ 1700 - USD 2500; which is less than a quarter of the prices of such surgeries in the UK and USA. The reason for such high prices in the western world is simple; as such medical procedures are considered cosmetic; There is no medical insurance coverage for such surgical procedures. Furthermore, due to the high costs of maintaining medical facilities and doctors in Europe and the USA; the costs stack up hugely for the same procedure and technique; putting an extra financial burden on the patients. 

In comparison, Turkey, not just offers the same transplant procedures, with the same high standards of quality, but a whole comfort package; to make the patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible; so that they have a wonderful overall hair transformation experience. The clinics take care of their patients, take care of their accommodation, transportation, and translation needs, into consideration.

Additionally, as Turkey is a touristic hotspot of the world, due to its history, natural and bountiful beauty; this is always an additional benefit for the patients; who get a perfect getaway to relax and recover after the surgery. Furthermore, it's easy to review the patient's profile, before and after, by different clinics and hospitals, with an abundance of patient reviews; it's easy to research and decide on a good hospital and clinic for yourself, in Turkey.

In the end, it must also be borne in mind that such surgical procedure, Hair Transplantation surgery also carries risks and complications; be I think patients need to research well beforehand; and choose the best clinics & hospitals, with the most experienced surgeons and advanced techniques. Plus, the patient's reviews can also guide you to the overall rating and consistency of results. What is primarily important is the skill and experience of the results. Hence, it is important to research and do a comparative analysis before opting for a specific clinic or hospital, for the surgery.

Why BulMD?

BulMD medical tourism is the number one search portal for medical treatment options in Turkey. We are connecting doctors and patients, bridging the language gap and provide the best care for our patients possible. We keep a close eye and regularly conduct audits of the medical clinics and hospitals we work with ourselves. We only work JCI certified medical facilities with a google score of 4.5 and above; to provide the highest quality and satisfaction to our patients.

BulMD strives to provide its patient’s with world-class healthcare services; serving patients from all over the world, coming to turkey from over 90 countries. We are providing healthcare services with more than 3 hospitals and several medical clinics in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our medical top of the class hair transplant packages is specially tailored to make your surgical experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our packages include everything from VIP airport transfers to Hotel accommodation, specially tailored to the needs of our international patients. Furthermore, our expert patient’s consultants are always ready and available 24/7 to assist our patients in their native languages.  

We understand that hair transplant is a surgery that can transform a patient, but before you embark on this journey, we would like you to consider glancing at the doctors, medical teams, transplantation methods, and related prices. 

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