General Reviews Verses Fake Reviews in Hair Transplant Category

General Reviews Verses Fake Reviews in Hair Transplant Category
Hair Transplantation

General Reviews Verses Fake Reviews in Hair Transplant Category

A hair transplant! That's a big thing; sure you don't want to mess it up right? Little bit of research could help you to find out the greatest doctor for you. And the best way is studying reviews of patients who had had hair transplant surgeries before. But fake reviews can equally misguide you. So see for yourself how to avoid them?

How to look for the real story?

When you go through reviews of former hair transplant patients, there is a good chance of finding both positive reviews and negative reviews. A general review tells the story of a successful transplant and the skill of the doctor. Of course there are many sportive patients who would make an effort to add a good name to their doctor or hospital with which they are pleased. However, majority of positive reviews might be fake reviews used for false publicity of hospitals and doctors. Following are few tips that can help you to differentiate between the two:

  • Many institutions hire people for writing good opinions or it might happen that the reviews which are appearing on your screen could be written by a doctor himself. Hence, whenever you read a review look for a name of reviewer and if possible an address. Do not trust anonymous reviews much.
  • General reviews would be firm in its tone making it clear that they were happy with the services in a few words. While fake reviews will tend to exaggerate more about the hospital or a particular doctor than their personal experience.
  • It is a common fact that people who had bad experience with this whole transplant thing would be self-motivated to voice their frustration and scathing remarks. Thus, always look for negative testimonials. They are more reliable with an advisory and warning tone.

Distinguishing over internet pages

While the above mentioned tips help you in scrutinising a review in particular, this section teaches you to scrutinise the web page where it appears. Whenever you browse through web pages showing reviews of other people who availed hair transplant surgeries always check that page's policy.

  • Every page should have a section called "About" which summarises the motives, services and achievements of that page or its owner. Click on it and read.
  • Otherwise you may find options like "Terms and conditions" or "Privacy policy". These sections contain in detail the policies that a page follows in displaying something.
  • If either of these sections has no mention of fulfilling any criteria for posting a review, do not accept anything appearing here at its face value.
  • Reputed reviewing sites always ask for submitting identification documents, authentication details or any evidence that proves that the person reviewing has actually availed that service.

In spite of all these cautionary measures, always remember to read every review with some amount of scepticism. Do not be too credulous to believe that five star rated doctor could be simply that flawless and great. Read all but trust few. Get it?


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