Why Does Height Matter?

Why Does Height Matter?
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Why Does Height Matter?

Why Does Height Matter?


It is interesting to note that our height, a simple biological fact, which in natural terms, we cannot do much to change; can affect our lives and future in so many different ways that we cannot imagine. Even though humans are conscious beings but are part of the same biosphere of life found on earth; hence bound by the same rules of evolution as most other animals, in terms of survival and prospects. The alpha male or female evolutionary theory reinforces the idea that taller is better, in terms of survival and excelling at life in every aspect.

It is compelling to examine how does height or stature factor in human life in terms of Education, Financial Success, Sexual Attraction, Health, Social Status, and overall Happiness.


Education & Financial Success

The US President, Abraham Lincoln stood at 6ft 4in (193cm), and the recent US President Barack Obama who is 6ft 1in (185cm); confirms that in America, according to a study, taller presidential candidates usually get more votes, in elections. The reason being that naturally, we are inclined to perceive a person's height with success and dominance; two of the most important features we presume in leadership.

Overall, taller people are considered to be more dominant, intelligent and healthy; thus more likely have better chances at superior employment opportunities; thus earning more financially, as well. Another study found that men over 6 feet tall, on average, earn significantly more paralleled to men whose height is limited at 5ft 5inches.

Some researcher has shown that on average, taller people are more educated and hence earn more; they attribute the height factor as the drive behind obtaining further education and as a result much more financial success in life. Both in the US and UK, men in white-collar jobs have a 1 to 0.6 inch of more height than men in blue-collar jobs. It's not just limited to men, studies have also shown that professional women and women employed in managerial positions are on average taller women working in manual employment jobs. Thus, it seems that is easier for taller people to have a superior advantage in these aspects, biologically.


Sexual attraction

It's a biological fact that taller men tend to have more allure, in terms of pure sexual attraction. Several studies, from time and again have proved that tall men and women are generally considered to be more attractive. Factually, women prefer to date taller men; and taller men gain more desirable partners. As a result, it has been seen that women have a preference for taller men. It's usually the case that women care more about dating a tall man than men care about dating a shorter woman.

Ac recent study showed that generally, women found more satisfaction when their partner was 8 inches (21cm) taller than themselves. On the other has the study found that men were usually satisfied if they were 3 inches (8cm) taller than their partner? An interesting study noted that in men, only 13.5% preferred dating only women shorter than them. But, on the other hand, about half of 48.9%, women preferred dating only men taller than them.

Most interestingly, researchers have also found that women who married men who are taller than them; reported being in better health, well educated, higher incomes and healthier lifestyles than those married to shorter men.

Study on Attraction and Height - a Research paper titled “Height Stereotypes of woman and men: Liability of shortness for both sexes” - researchers examined the connection of stereotypes of attraction and their correlation with height. The study asked a group of people to rate women, in three height categories, "short" (4FT '10inches), "average" (5FT' 4inches) and "tall" (5FT '10inches); and signify various characteristics based on their respective heights. The group found that tall and average woman was more attractive and successful. Similarly, the group, studied the same parameter for men, "short" (5 feet 4 inches), "average" (5 feet 10 inches) and "tall" (6 feet 4 inches); and found that short men were less socially and physically attractive. Also, they found that shorter height meant less masculinity in comparison to a tall man.


Health and Lifespan

It has been reported that shorter men are less healthy, on average. A US study collected data from 165,606 people about self-evaluation of health; which revealed that shorter men reportedly said they were in worse health than taller men. Also, it also found that shorter men married women who also reported that they were in bad health than the woman who married taller men.

The research simply laid down its results as saying that “Short men were less educated, less healthy, had a higher BMI, and lower household income than taller men ... women of a given height who were paired with shorter partners also tended to be less healthy, less educated, and with a higher BMI than women of the same height who were paired with taller partners. ”

Ironically, medical science has also found a few connections with height and health. In a recent medical study, published in the European Heart Journal, found that being shorter can put a person at a higher risk of heart disease. The researchers found that adults shorter than 5Ft 3 inches had a higher risk of having and subsequently dying from cardiovascular disease than taller people. A New England Journal of Medicine study found that the genes associated with eight can increase the risk of heart diseases; and the increase of risk is 13.5% for every 2.5 inches you're shorter than the average person, according to the sexes. A further study linked short stature with a poor socioeconomic status; leading to poor nutrition which could be a risk for the heart- height connection.

Sport and athletics

It is evident, just by a glance at basketball courts and race tracks to ascertain that longer legs or more height, would have a huge advantage in terms of performance and results. Physically, longer leg limbs can cover much more ground and faster; thus, reaching further. Taller sports opponents are generally intimidating to the shorter competition; giving the taller player an edge over their shorter counterparts.


Irrespective of the slight annoyance faced by tall people by hitting their heads on small ceilings; there are huge biological, social, financial, educational, and physical advantages of being tall. Many studies have found a connection in the fact that the greater a person's height, the higher their score of happiness and overall satisfaction and enjoyment of life is. This is usually fueled by the fact of better career prospects and economic stability; thus giving a slight edge to taller people throughout their life.


In the end, it seems the verdict is that the "The taller you are, the happier you are." Although biologically, it's impossible to grow taller once you have reached puberty or your growth caps have closed naturally; research in orthopedic practice and the rise of cosmetic surgeries; has made it possible to increase a person's height surgically. This has great advantages of uplifting and reinvigorating a person suffering from short stature.


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