What is Leg Lengthening; The before and after of limb/leg lengthening surgery?

What is Leg Lengthening; The before and after of limb/leg lengthening surgery?
Limb Lengthening Surgery

What is Leg Lengthening; The before and after of limb/leg lengthening surgery?

What is Leg Lengthening; The before and after of limb/leg lengthening surgery?


Limb lengthening is a surgical treatment that improves the height ratio, balances the patient's gait and removes aesthetic concerns. The limb lengthening process requires time, patience and precision. The reconstructive surgeon performs a surgical osteotomy (fracture) with small incisions in the affected leg on the femur and/or tibia.

Most people want to be taller. Leg lengthening surgery (also called limb lengthening) is a really radical cosmetic procedure to increase height. An increasing number of people are undergoing such an operation in the US. Leg lengthening surgical treatment has gained popularity because it gives people a chance to gain a few extra inches. In 1951, Soviet Professor Gavrill Illizarov pioneered leg lengthening surgery in Russia to treat veterans of World War II with leg injuries. The Pentagon is currently funding a study investigating its use for leg trauma.

A magnetic lengthening rod and pins are placed in the bone which allows the leg to extend in a controlled manner over some time. The device has an external magnet that is applied to the nail which drives a gear and moves the telescopic rod. The magnet rotates the gears in the rod to increase the length of the limb. Using this advanced technology, surgeons can limit and/or eliminate the use of external fixation, the former device.

Once the magnetic rod and pins have been placed, patients are instructed how to adjust the bone to extend the bone over time, usually between three and 1 millimeters, each day, over the next three months (you can get one inch per month). As the bones slowly grow, the muscles, tendons, skin, and arteries also respond and grow. The true elongation phase is called distraction when the bones slowly grow over time. There is then a consolidation phase where the bones begin to heal and calcify, and finally, there is a recovery phase when rehabilitation begins and when more weight restriction is applied to the bones.

During surgery, doctors separate your bone in your short legs. The External Fixation System has bars attached to this part of the bone. These bars are connected to an external frame attached to the outside of your leg. The bars will help your bone growth, while the frame will support your limb. For several months, the limb can be extended 6 inches!

The time you need to wear the frame is determined by how much your limb should grow. For most patients, only six to nine months should be worn. During this time, you rotate the sticks several times a day to help the bone in your limbs grow. Most of the bone growth occurs within the first few months. After that, the frame is worn for stability as your bones heal.

After spending some time recovering from your surgery, you can return to school. You can participate in your favorite activities while wearing the chassis, including most sports. You can even go swimming as long as you swim in a salty or chlorinated pool. Your closet may need to be adjusted to include trousers, shorts or skirts that fit your frame. Since you will have to see a doctor every two weeks, you will be able to continue your routine.



The main advantage of the LON method is that the duration of the entire procedure is shortened more than the conventional methods and thus the patient's comfort is greatly increased. This has a more positive effect on patient psychology due to the early removal of the device. As with a motorized nail, you do not need a wheelchair in the first months. Patients usually start to walk using support from the second day.

Lon Method

When we look at the disadvantage of this method, the operation time is longer than the conventional operation. The experience of the physician who will undergo surgery will play a more important role. Prices are slightly higher than conventional methods due to the use of intramedullary nails.



Leg lengthening surgery is often a very serious issue in many respects. When a patient decides that he wants to have cosmetic surgery - the need for detailed information becomes more important from the beginning; patients should fully understand the whole process. Specifically, how the surgical procedure will take place and what will happen during the preoperative stage and postoperative recovery. Limb Lengthening Surgery has become popular and has become much more common in the last few decades; Methodology and surgical techniques are constantly updated and revised to meet new innovative developments; provides better height increase and patient comfort.

In general, the cost of leg lengthening surgery depends on doctors, surgical methods and what they provide; Postoperative accommodation, physiotherapy, general service quality and so on. It may contain. All these factors must be analyzed by a potential patient who wishes to make a limb lengthening decision.

The prices of leg-lengthening surgeries have to take into consideration the doctors, methods used in this surgery and postoperative stay, physical therapy, quality of service and so on; thus varies accordingly. Analyzing all this by those who want to perform well is a very important decision to be healthy.

Normally, any surgical procedure is a very serious issue and all surgeries are at risk. In general, most patients undergo limb lengthening surgery without complications; Limb lengthening is generally considered a more risky procedure. Because external fixator systems are always at risk of infection and without proper hygiene and maintenance of the fixator, complications from infections can be a problem. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that this Limb Lengthening surgical procedure should always be performed by experienced doctors, hospitals, and proper postoperative care is always required. Most importantly, it is always advisable to choose the best country for leg lengthening and the best surgical teams, especially surgeons with extensive surgical experience. So, if you want to find the best limb lengthening surgeon, you should make research a lot about that.

When we look at US prices; Paley receives $ 97,500 for bilateral femoral lengthening and $ 109,000 for bilateral tibial lengthening using PRECICE Stryde. Jacob Rozbruch gets $ 120,000 using PRECICE. In Germany, prices are EUR 52,500 for double-sided femoral lengthening and EUR 55,500 for double-sided tibial lengthening. Prices for both females and tibia range from € 120,000 to € 160,000. Limb Lengthening in Turkey has cost-effective and hygienic as opposed to other countries, 13,500 € external fixator, 17.000 € LON method, 38,000 € intramedullary nail (PRECICE 2), 54.500 € Precor by the Stryer, € 12,000 lengthening acronym, € 9,000 limit inconsistency, € 7,500 Extremity Correction Surgery (Bow Legs), 12.000 € Limb Shortening Surgery.

However, in Russia, India, and Pakistan, many doctors have been very successful in performing the Leg lengthening surgical procedure, but unfortunately; they face significant negative criticisms, especially for the countries listed above. In general, complaints about the effectiveness of doctors or the hygiene of facilities and the overall quality of service in hospitals. Unfortunately, they are not the best country for leg lengthening surgery. In general, medical practitioners or doctors who tend to attract economic bargaining, or patients with the lowest price attractiveness; After the operation is completed and payments are made, they tend to neglect patients at the postoperative stage; A special time for any leg lengthening surgery. So it is inexpensive to make the surgical choice in this country because it is wrong.

However, it should be said that for those seriously considering such a limb lengthening procedure should provide a very balanced option. Facilities and doctors of similar quality to those of Western countries such as Germany, England, France, and the United States, which are said to be preceded by price and cost compared to Eastern Europe; It offers the best limb length surgeon in both worlds. In our commitment to our medical superiority and quality medical services, currently, the world's highest JCI specifies that it has to licensed medical institutions and hospitals for limb lengthening in Turkey is striking.


joint commission international


Why you should choose the limb lengthening in Turkey? In Turkey, both healthy and fit your budget and you never attracted more difficulties in communication, in addition to them. Because there are services such as meeting and welcoming at the airports, transportation from the airport to hotels and hospitals, as well as an English-speaking carer who will help our patients 24/7. You can also socialize with our famous Turkish restaurants, such as historical and touristic visits, boat tours and free tours including meals. You don't have to worry about supporting devices to help you get around the hospital. Here you can easily get answers to your questions with our free consultation.


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Hello admi. Pls we need help. My husband is way too short and we want to carry on the churgery. Please the cheapest fastest and highest length gain. Thanks in advance

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Limb lengthening surgery has 4 methods; each with its own recovery time and patients' comfort levels. The fastest recovery is with internal systems, like Precice 2 and Precice Stryde. However, with the Precice 2.2, the patients are wheelchair-bound for around 3 -4 months after the surgery. But, with Precice Stryde the patient can start to walk around 4-6 weeks after the surgery. But, in comparison, LON Method is reasonably priced and has almost the same recovery time of 8-9 months.

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