Weight Loss Surgery: Choosing What's Right for You

Weight Loss Surgery: Choosing What's Right for You
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Weight Loss Surgery: Choosing What's Right for You

Opting for the perfect weight loss surgery!

Weight loss tourism has proven to be very effective in producing important and continued weight loss in several cases over the period of years. Today, there are several weight loss surgical procedures available that can give you the desired outcome. Therefore, it is natural that one might wonder, "Which bariatric surgery is best for me?" or "How can I determine which procedure would give me the most benefit?"

Weight Loss Surgery Effectiveness

It is a common knowledge that the best outcome can only be achieved with the best team. Best bariatric results can be accomplished only with;

  • Well competent and experienced best bariatric surgeons
  • Top hospitals that are equipped with excellent after-care facilities that focus on dietary, behavioral and exercise changes. The hospitals should also have international standards of hygiene and protocol.
  • Essentially, the weight loss surgery should be done with the conscious and collective decision of the patient and the chosen best bariatric surgeon.

It doesn't matter if the patient chooses the restrictive Laparoscopic Gastric sleeve surgery or the adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery; the final outcome will alter their lifestyle and food habits for good. Every weight loss tourism procedure is just an instrument to help you regulate your hunger and food portions. The rest is up to the patient on how he/she sustained continued weight loss and leading a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, there are certain things to keep in mind while you decide on which bariatric surgery is best suited for you:

Points to consider when choosing a surgery type

Realistic Expectation From The Chosen Surgery

It is noted that generally, gastric bypass patients lose up to 70% excess weight, while sleeve gastrectomy patients lose around 60 percent, and gastric banding patients lose around 50 percent.

All of this depends, however, on how well a patient does follow-ups and commits to the dietary and lifestyle changes that come along with the concerned surgery. It is also necessary to note that each surgery though differs in outcome of weight loss percentage; they significantly improve health and quality of life.

Loose Skin

Loose skin is a reflection of significant weight-loss and it does not seem to matter if the process is slow or fast. If a gastric band patient, a sleeve patient and a gastric bypass patient all lose 150 lbs.; they will all have some degree of loose skin.


In most countries, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy are more expensive than adjustable gastric banding. While this is not important if insurance is paying for your surgery, it is important to those that have to pay for their surgery themselves.

Follow Up And Lifestyle Changes

Follow-up appointments and important dietary changes are crucial to achieve maximum weight-loss. Gastric band requires timely follow-ups to tighten the band. Other procedures require hardly or no follow-ups. However, constraint on food intake, portions and regular exercise is necessary to provide sustained weight loss and health benefits.

Apprehension or Fear Of Surgery Is Unnecessary

There are several patients with the notion that since gastric bypass or a sleeve gastrectomy is considerably more invasive than other bariatric surgery procedures, it is more risky. This is not true at all. Even though both the mentioned surgeries are analogously bigger operations, they are as complicated and risky as any other surgical procedure or even less. It is also crucial to understand that the surgery has never been safer than it is today.


Closing in on which bariatric surgery is best suited to for you depends solely on the careful deliberation between you and your chosen best bariatric surgeon. After a careful study and examination of your individual case and need, only then can your surgeon decide on what's best suited for you. However, if you are a good candidate then you can benefit from any bariatric surgery.

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