A Baldness Cure - Which One is For You?

A Baldness Cure - Which One is For You?
Hair Transplantation

A Baldness Cure - Which One is For You?

The day will come when a researcher discovers an inexpensive, simple, universally successful baldness cure product. The amount of money going into the study of hair loss is extraordinary, and as long as our society puts such great stock in looks and attractive hair, the research will persist until the cure is discovered.

Hair Loss Treatment

Until that time, men and women must explore and experiment with a variety of products which have numerous results depending on the individual. Each person is unique, with levels of chemicals, hormones, and enzymes. So, up to now, there's no common cure-all. A number of people experience some decrease in hair loss and hair recovery, while others using the identical product don't experience the same results. If you do not get good  results from the variety of topical and oral hair products obtainable, there are at present surgical alternatives if you have the financial means to purchase them.

Hair Transplantation Methods

There is a diversity of transplantation methods, but they can be a bit painful and overwhelming. These remedies are offered to both men and women. During transplantation, a bit of hair is removed from a donor section of the scalp, customarily the back, since pattern baldness in women and men usually does not affect the back of the head. The follicles are extracted from these bits and then implanted in the bald part of the scalp. The "skill" of this process is the follicle, to be sure the slope of the hair is correct for this section of the head. There are typically 1-5 hairs in each hair plug, so you can envision the number of plugs required if someone wants a full head of hair in place of a completely bald head.

Hair Transplantation Price

The standard cost of the transplant per follicle is $4 - $6. The typical expenditure for a baldness transplant is about $ 10,000.00 - a large amount for most of us. For women who have more hair loss in general, the cost is higher. Should you not have $ 10,000 to spend at this time, then you have to wait until the method is improved, making it cheaper. You might be satisfied with less preferable but successful techniques such as Provillus.


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