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Bariatric Surgery - Obesity Treatment

Bariatric stomach surgery performed since 2001 is a surgical intervention for obesity therapy. Bariatric Surgery is used to reduce appetite and to make the person feel fuller faster which makes it easier to lose weight. This operation, is not the only method in the treatment of obesity . First, diet, medication, and exercise should be tried for achieving weight loss. If these methods couldn’t give the wanted result, Bariatric stomach surgery can be done.

Why is Bariatric Surgery performed?

Depending on the patient’s degree of obesity, a part of the stomach is surgically removed by incision. Generally, in tube stomach operations, 80% of the stomach is removed. It is then intended that the patient is better able to control their appetite and food intake.

When the stomach gets smaller, the patient gets to the saturation point in less time, with less food, and begins to lose weight by itself. As he/she gets fewer calories during the day, he/she gets rid of obesity by entering the weight loss process. Of course, tube stomach surgery can not be done to every patient. For this, the patient must be in compliance with certain conditions and should not have an obstructive condition.

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